Student Bookings

Performing Arts Center Scheduling for Music Students

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1. USERS: The Performing Arts Center ( PAC ) is an academic building used by multiple campus entities. It is also available for use by recognized " for profit" and "not-for-profit" community organizations. Priority is given to uses of educational value or of benefit to the University community. The Performing Arts Center's facilities are not available on a first come, first served basis.

2. RULES: The Performing Arts Center is brand new and in an effort to keep it clean and in top condition for our users we ask that no food or drink be brought into the concert hall/backstage/stage areas (unless it is water used for reeds and slides etc) and instrument cases be stowed in the carpeted shelves backstage. We know that you are proud of the facility and will treat it as you would your own valued property. The Performing Arts Center staff is available to you if you have any questions about the facility.

(in order):

(Fiscal year is Sept.- Aug.)

Official TAMU-CC ( President; Provost; Colleges, Schools, and Departments, Performing Arts Center Series and Recurring Users w/MOU) November 1 submit booking request
2 year advance

Registered Student/Faculty/Staff and TAMU-CC Auxiliary Organizations (Alumni, Friends of the Arts, etc.) February 1 submit booking requests 1 year advance

Regional community colleges and other educational institutions March 1 submit booking request 1 year advance

Non-TAMU-CC organizations April 1 booking open 1 year advance

4. BOOKING OPTIONS IN ADVANCE (Bookings should be made in advance when possible):

  • CALENDAR: You may always check the Master Calendar* on the University website at: and click on the Visual and Performing Arts Calendar. *Set-up, tear-down, piano tunings, and PAC maintenance are not included on this public calendar so please follow the steps below to schedule rehearsals, recitals, and performances.
  • TO RESERVE TIME IN THE HALL OTHER THAN RECITALS: Call Angelia Alaniz at 361-825-3085 or e-mail to find out if the dates/times you need are available. If she is not available please call Facilities and Operations Manager Terri Cardona at 825-2787 for assistance.
  • You may request IN ADVANCE to practice in the PAC as much as you wish but there are specific rules for recitals, rehearsals, and performances. (See next item).
  • REQUEST RECITAL DATES: The Department of Music has requested holds on specific dates during the year for recitals. Music Department Chair Dr. Brian Shelton assigns all recital dates and knows which dates are available in the PAC. Times for recitals are 5:00p.m. and 6:15p.m. (Juniors and Non-Majors) and 7:30p.m. (Seniors Recitals).
  • PLANNING AHEAD: Once your recital date is confirmed with Dr. Shelton and he has informed the PAC Director then you may sign up for two rehearsal times in the PAC per recital (If more than one of you are on a recital it is still 2 rehearsal times - not 2 per person on the recital). Please remember to book your rehearsals immediately after your recital date is confirmed. The PAC fills up really fast now and there may not be room to accommodate your rehearsals.
  • RECITAL DETAILS: To give you the most professional recital experience we can, you must e-mail a PAC Recital Setup Worksheet (see link at top of page) to PAC Event Specialist Angelia Alaniz at at least 2 weeks in advance of your recital to take care of all the details. For questions please call Angelia at 361-825-3085.

5. BOOKING OPTIONS: UNSCHEDULED REQUESTS (We encourage you to book in advance.)

  • LAST MINUTE REQUESTS (WALK-INS): If you need to make a last-minute booking please call first to see if the schedule is free (361-825-2787) or come over and talk with the PAC Manager on duty in the PAC Control Room inside the concert hall. They will know the schedule and be able to assist you.
  • Should you require a rehearsal without a reservation the PAC staff will do their best to accommodate your request.
  • If the PAC is booked by another client but available until that client's rehearsal starts, you may work around that stage set without disturbing it if the facility is available. You must see a PAC manager for availability options before beginning your rehearsal.
  • Your rehearsal must end when designated by PAC managers on duty to accommodate the scheduled client.

6. CONTACT: Please contact PAC Director at any time with questions or concerns at 361-825-2787.