Technical Specifications

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Performing Arts Center Technical Information

Contact Technical Manager Taylor Myers at (361) 825-2899.

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Stage Dimensions

The stage area is in the shape of an oval. The widest part of the stage measures 66 feet across. The depth of the stage, without downstage extensions, along the center line measures 33 feet. The depth of the stage, with downstage extensions, along the center line measures 39 feet. For a drawing of the stage, please contact the Technical Manager.

Stage Lighting

The stage lighting fixtures are set and focused for a permanent repertory lighting plot with (7) automated fixtures on the near catwalk for specials. PAC does not authorize the refocusing of the permanent repertory lighting plot.


Stage Lighting

ETC Gio Lighting Console


14) ETC Source-Four 10 o

Near Catwalk

(20) ETC Source-Four 19 o, (6) Apollo Right Arms

High Lighting Ring

(102) ETC Source-Four 19 o

Low Lighting Ring

(15) Stand Bambino

Follow Spots

(2) Strong Canto 1200

Intelligent Lights

(2) Elation Platinum Spots


(8) Chauvet SlimPar 64

(5) Elation RGBW Strip Lights

Sound Reinforcement

The house sound is supplied to all three levels by Bose MA-12 Speakers units and Bose Speaker Strips

Midas M32 Mixing Console

Midas Digital Snake

I-mini with Qlab

Stanton Dual CD Player

Analogue Way Saphyr Video Switcher


8) Wifeless Shure QLXD2 Handheld and Belt Pack Microphone

(8) DPA Dual Ear Directional Headsets

(8) Sennheiser e835

(2) Sennheiser e902

(3) Sennheiser e905

(5) Sennheiser e906

(3) Sennheiser e914

(3) Sennheiser e945

(1) Sennheiser 421 II


(2) Yamaha CM15V

(4) BEAW SM 129zi

(2) Shure P3RA H2O In-ear Monitor

(3) Shure PSM 700 In-ear Monitor

(1) Shure PSM 600 In-ear Monitor

Lobby System

Behringer 802 4 channel Mixer

(2) Shure SLX2 Wireless Mics

(1) HHB- CRD- 830 CD player

FOH mix position is at the rear of the room with (2) 8” snake conduits to backstage.

Power (2) 120/208 volt 100 amp 3 phase company switch boxes backstage…one stage right….one stage left. Camlocks or lugs for tails.

(1) 208 volt 400 amp bus shore-power box with lugs for tails….40 feet from backstage entrance.

Additional technical specifications will be added to this website as they become available.

Updated July 2016